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Invest in LGBTQ+ communities

Since 2004, we’ve created safer spaces for children and youth of LGBTQ+ communities to connect, play, and have their voices be heard.

Camp is the best place on earth. It’s the only place that offers a 100% guarantee that kids of LGBTQ+ communities will feel loved, accepted and respected.

This is where you come in

Your investment makes sure that every child or youth who wants to come to camp is able to. We offer both Camp Ten Oaks and Project Acorn on a sliding scale fee, which 80% of our participants use. But what they’re able to pay only covers 1/5 of the program cost.

When you donate to the Ten Oaks Project, you’re creating a community that shapes the next generation of our community’s leaders. Your gift delivers the help our kids need now, and for the future.


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