Evaluations - Ten Oaks Project


Every year, we solicit and receive feedback through various avenues during and after Camp Ten Oaks from our campers and volunteers. We value this feedback with all our hearts. Fundamentally, we are an organization that is built around people: their hopes, their abilities, and their uniqueness. Ten Oaks, at its core, is motivated by the needs of folks from 2SLGBTQ+ identities, families, and communities. Moreover, we are an organization built on the strength of our community and we would not exist without the valuable contributions of our campers and volunteers. The year-end feedback report is based on all the feedback we received through the camp evaluation forms filled out by our campers and volunteers as well as the in-person de-briefs that took place with the Leadership Team members of Camp Ten Oaks. We are sharing this report with our communities as part of our commitment to continual learning and to ensure transparency in our programming development and improvement. An overview of our feedback process can be found here or reviewed in detail at this link.