Activities - Ten Oaks Project

lots to do at camp

At camp, there’s so much to do and so much fun to be had while doing it! With the option to participate in outdoor adventure, waterfront, arts, social justice activities, and sports, our programming variety allows campers to receive instruction, strengthen old skills, and develop new ones.

The programming at Camp Ten Oaks is a mixture of unit activities and individual choice. Our activities are designed to empower campers through play that enhances self-esteem, life skills, independence, leadership and self-confidence.

Outdoor adventure

The outdoor adventure program at Camp Ten Oaks includes overnight campouts, cookouts, hiking, nature exploration and environmental programming.

Campers may have the opportunity to participate in a campout, whether they hike to a spot to pitch their tents or canoe to an island for an overnight stay!



Fostering and exploring the creativity of campers happens through our well-rounded arts program. The Craft Shack, where a great mixture of activities takes place, is the hub of crafty creation. From printmaking and jewelry design to drawing and puppets, our arts program lets campers explore their originality and their ideas.

The arts program also includes dance, creative writing and drama.



At the waterfront, campers can dive into the lake for a swim, paddle around in a canoe or kayak, or gear up for a game of water polo. It’s one of the most popular areas of camp, especially during free time.

The waterfront is also the hub of other camp adventures such as the Oak-A-Lympics and campfire coffee houses.



Whether playing volleyball or ultimate Frisbee, tackling the climbing wall or joining in a game of capture the flag, sports and activities are all part of the summer camp experience.

We are committed to providing our campers with a diverse sports program. Other activities may include ping pong, soccer and other field sports.


Social justice

Our social justice programming gives campers the space to talk about issues like sexism, homophobia, transphobia or the media, and how these may impact their lives. Examples of age-appropriate activities include games like Four Corners. The social justice component of our programming is unique and provides campers with the space to critically explore big issues in their lives during their stay at camp.


Out of the ordinary

What would summer camp be without theme days or surprise events?

Special days, activities and guests are a great way to enhance the daily schedule and provide campers with exciting challenges, adventures and, of course, some mystery.