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Volunteer at Oak Grove Family Camp

Oak Grove Family Camp is mostly staffed by the wonderful staff of our rental campsite. However, every year, we hire three Child Wrangler Extraordinaire Volunteers who provide childcare at camp!

The Child Wrangler Extraordinaire is primarily responsible for providing childcare for children and youth from the ages of 0 to 6 while at Oak Grove Family Camp. The Child Wrangler Extraordinaire will provide a quality caring and supportive child care program at the Oak Grove Family Camp that addresses their unique child care needs, meets all regulatory standards required by federal, provincial and municipal governments, and operates within the Child Care Practitioner Occupational Standards and Code of Ethics as defined by the Canadian Child Care Federation. We also want people who are camper-centered, supportive, enthusiastic, nurturing, respectful, dynamic, creative and fun-loving!

All volunteers must participate in a mandatory volunteer orientation held in Ottawa. The date of this orientation is yet to be decided.


We will be accepting applications for Oak Grove Family Camp in the spring of 2020!

All volunteers must successfully complete an interview, reference checks and a police background check. Our volunteers also participate in a mandatory day-long orientation and training.


Oak Grove Family Camp offers its volunteer Child Wrangler Extraordinaire staff members a tiered scale honorarium to cover expenses such as time off work and transportation to and from camp.

Tier 1: I do not require an honourarium

Tier 2: $50

Tier 3: $75

Tier 4: $100

To help us make Oak Grove Family Camp accessible to as many people as possible, we ask that you select the tier that best reflects your budget. If none of the honourarium levels would make volunteering at camp accessible to you, the Programs Manager is available to discuss options.

Please note that you will not be asked about honourariums until you are offered a position at Oak Grove Family Camp; we do not want anyone to feel that if they ask for higher honourarium amounts, it will reflect poorly on them in the volunteer selection process. If you are considering applying as a volunteer for Oak Grove Family Camp, please know that we can guarantee you an honourarium of $100 and we will do our best to accommodate all requests above $100. We will confirm your honorarium amount prior to your participation in training or camp. Sometimes volunteers are hired to replace folks and fill gaps at the last minute, between orientation and camp, and honorariums for these volunteers will be negotiated on an individual basis between the individual and the Programs Manager.

Only the Programs Manager, the Executive Director and the Treasurer will know the tier volunteers select. This information will be held in the strictest confidence.

Child Wrangler Extraordinaire JOB DESCRIPTION

The Child Wrangler Extraordinaire job description can be found at this link.

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