School isn’t safe, but Camp Ten Oaks is. - Ten Oaks Project

School isn’t safe, but Camp Ten Oaks is.



Age 17
Camper since 2009

Gaylord. Botchi boy. That’s so gay.

I hear that all the time. I hear that every day in the hallway at school. I even hear it from my own friends.

This is what high school is like for me… and I live in Toronto. That’s why I need Ten Oaks. It’s a break from the homophobia I face every day.

Before Camp Ten Oaks, I’d never met anyone with two dads. It gave me a completely new outlook on my family. It made me feel proud and like I do belong somewhere.

Because of camp, I know there are kids out there who are like me and are also struggling at school. Kids who are proud, but have to hide their parent’s sexuality because it’s not always safe to come out.

Your donation saves lives, and it changes lives. It gives us kids of 2SLGBTQ+ families something we all need — it gives us a community.