Our Staff - Ten Oaks Project

camp staff

The development of Camp Ten Oaks has been informed and guided by a diverse group of dedicated volunteers who collectively make up a 40-person staff team. Our volunteer staff members are an integral part of the camp community and ensure that our campers have an unforgettable, safe and fun summer. On average, the volunteer staff at Camp Ten Oaks tend to be in their mid-twenties and choose to work at camp during their vacation time.

The Camp Ten Oaks volunteer staff team is selected, trained, and supported by a leadership team comprised of four incredible volunteers: our Camp Director, Assistant Director of Programming, and Co-Assistant Directors of Staff. Their role is to plan and lead so that things go off without a hitch and, in a more realistic world, to deal with any hitches that do happen.


Camp Director

Kymani is a Black, queer, immigrant who has worked with children and youth for over 10 years. With a background in political science and education, Kymani strives to help children and youth have difficult conversations about racism, gender, sexuality, and class. He wants to bring recreation and camping to communities that have been historically shut out. Kymani has worked in both overnight and day camps in Canada, the USA, and Switzerland. In his free time, he enjoys video games, painting, unsuccessful baking, and reading Black feminist authors.


Co-Assistant Director of Staff

Ellamarie Quimby works year-round at Interlochen Arts Academy in Interlochen, Michigan as their Director of Residence Life for Behavioral Health and Wellness. She holds a BFA in Fine Art Photography and a Masters in Teaching from the Corcoran College of Art+Design in Washington, D.C., and an MFA in Studio Art from the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. Ella has taught and worked in education spaces for over a decade. She joined the Ten Oaks community in summer of 2018 as Outtrips Coordinator and Staff Photographer.

In her youth work, Ella is dedicated to being the kind of advocate that she did not have access to as a teenager. As a queer, mixed, indigenous woman, it was difficult to grow up without many adults who looked and identified like she did. She has spent time developing inclusive residential curriculum, training young professionals on serving more diverse populations more effectively, and building individual connections with as many young people as possible. She is committed to both the short and long term work that will help the Ten Oaks Project remain an example of inclusive excellence, and a place where every young person can feel at home.


Co-Assistant Director of Staff

Phoebe lives for the summer! She has been at camp since she was eight and working camps all across Canada since 2010. She’s worked for a number of camps; serving youth and adults with disabilities, kids affected by HIV, kids with type 2 diabetes, and more. She completed her Bachelors of Education at Queen’s University in the Outdoor and Experiential Education stream and currently teaches grades 4/5 in Vancouver. Phoebe spent a year traveling North America in her RV Marie and wants to drone on about the beauty of National Parks. Outside of work, Phoebe loves board games with friends, cooking with her partner, and looking at the mountains every chance she gets. She is already aware of all dogs in the immediate vicinity and has plans to pet them.


Assistant Director of Programming

Riley has been in love with camp since they were little. Riley has been working at Ten Oaks for a few years, and loves being able to see the campers challenge themselves and each other, form new connections and support one another. Riley has worked and volunteered extensively with 2SLGBTQ+ families and communities through participating in local pride committees, working with the Rainbow Diversity Institute as a consultant about 2SLGBTQ+ topics, and through research during their Master’s degree. Riley has also worked extensively with children with disabilities at summer camp and after-school programming. Riley has a
Bachelor of Arts in Child Health and an MSc in Family Relations and Human Development with a focus on 2SLGBTQ+ families. Currently, Riley works as a Research Coordinator in midwifery research. Riley is committed to learning in growing in all that they do, and they are excited to learn from and with the amazing Ten Oaks community this summer. When not working or thinking about camp, Riley is an avid baker, board gamer and puzzle builder, and loves the challenge of
building Ikea furniture.