Meet our new Executive Director - Ten Oaks Project

April 25, 2022


Following an extensive leadership search, Ten Oaks Project is thrilled to announce our new Executive Director, Lux!

With more than two decades of experience working in frontline and leadership positions supporting children, youth and families, Lux (they/them) will be instrumental in shaping the next phase of Ten Oaks Project’s mission to ensure young people from 2SLGBTQ+ communities have the opportunities, support and resources to thrive.

Lux (they/them) is a queer, transfemme child of newcomers who has lived and worked in Treaties 6 and 7 in what is also known as Alberta. Lux’s heritage is connected to Indonesia’s colonial occupation by the Netherlands and goes back many generations. While their childhood did not include positive experiences in the outdoors, as an adult, they have learned to connect to the land through Indigenous teachings and ceremony. A Child and Youth Care Counsellor, Lux’s early experiences in frontline work with youth included residential work with youth in care, transitional work with youth experiencing housing instability, social and emotional work in schools, and community groups and summer camps. Lux has been engaged in progressive leadership positions since they started in the field, and has focused on collaboration between organizations, advocating for systems change, developing diverse teams, and working towards conciliation with Indigenous communities. New to both Ottawa and an Executive Director position, Lux is most excited about learning how to develop and maintain positive relationships with Indigenous communities in unceded territory, engage social justice movements in a new community, strengthen their antiracism work, and get to know the great folks who are a part of the Ten Oaks Project community.

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