Feedback Process - Ten Oaks Project

Feedback, Decision-Making and Communications process

At Ten Oaks, we are continuously surprised by the passion and commitment of all of our campers, families, volunteers and staff. This commitment often translates into feedback sent to us through various channels, and we appreciate it with all of our hearts. Ten Oaks is a small non-profit run by a dedicated team of two full-time staff members who are committed to reviewing, implementing and communicating that feedback back to our communities as part of our continual learning as well as to ensure transparency in our organizational development and improvement. However, to ensure that this small staff team has the time and capacity to run our growing programs and community events, maintain a healthy work-life balance, and avoid getting emotionally or physically burnt out, we have implemented new feedback processes. An overview of our feedback process can be found here or reviewed in detail here.

We also create annual feedback reports for all of our programs: