Support Coordinators - Ten Oaks Project

Support Coordinators

The Project Acorn Leadership Team is a four-person team of volunteer coordinators who select the YAC and ROC teams each year, guide and support the YAC in the development and delivery of Project Acorn, and oversee the evaluation of the program and its volunteers with the support of Ten Oaks Project’s Programs Manager. The Coordinators include ROC and YAC Programming and Support Coordinators, who work from an anti-oppressive and sex-positive framework.

Roles and Responsibilities

All Coordinators are responsible for:

Before Project Acorn

  • Assisting in outreach for and the hiring of YAC members and ROCs
  • Supporting and leading the facilitation of the YAC program, meetings and workplan
  • Supporting the development of the Project Acorn program, promotion, recruitment, policies, structure and workplan, with the YAC
  • Representing Project Acorn at relevant community events
  • Planning and coordinating relevant training for the YAC, to be decided on with YAC members
  • Supporting fellow Leadership Team members throughout the planning process and at Project Acorn

At Project Acorn

  • Coordinating the facilitation of Project Acorn including staff orientation, and the program itself
  • Providing leadership to ensure that the program meets its stated objectives and goals, including youth leadership and engagement
  • Making sure Project Acorn is fun, camp-y, magical, and full of glitter

After Project Acorn

  • Assisting with the facilitation of the YAC and ROC debriefs
  • Compiling staff evaluations
  • Participating in report writing and Project Acorn evaluations

In addition, each Coordinator is responsible for several unique pieces of the program. Each will work with a corresponding Coordinators on these tasks (for example, the YAC Programming Coordinator and the ROC Programming Coordinator will work closely together, etc.)

The ROC and YAC Support Coordinators are responsible for:

  • Overseeing formal and informal volunteer (ROC and YAC) support before, at and after Project Acorn through individual and group check-ins
  • Ensuring that the process of planning Project Acorn is consistently working toward being accessible, youth-centred, and flexible to the needs of YAC members
  • Reviewing participant applications and interview notes to identify support/access needs at Project Acorn, and create support plans with participants as needed
  • Along with fellow support coordinator, connecting with YAC and ROC members about support/access needs before, during, and after Project Acorn
  • Overseeing response to participants’ support needs at Project Acorn
  • Working with the YAC and ROC members to create a supportive environment at YAC meetings and at Project Acorn

In this work, the Coordinators will uphold and implement the mission, vision and values of the Ten Oaks Project, as well as the Project Acorn framework, policies and procedures. At all times, the ROC Coordinators are focused on ensuring that the voices, interests and needs of youth from 2SLGBTQ+ identities, families and communities are at the centre of the development and implementation process of Project Acorn.

It is the expectation that the Coordinators will be available on a volunteer basis from January to September to carry out the duties of the Leadership Team. It is a job requirement that the Leadership Team be available on site for the entirety of Project Acorn (July 10-14, 2019).


The successful candidates will have at least two years relevant experience, with demonstrated experience coordinating and engaging youth in youth-driven projects, and be prepared to work from an anti-oppressive, anti-racist, sex-positive and youth engagement framework.