Youth Advisory Committee - Ten Oaks Project

Meet the members

The Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) is an incredible group of eight fierce youth who plan and run Project Acorn.


Dawny (they/he) is a non-binary trans masculine two-spirit cool artist person from the Ottawa area. They are currently a student at Algonquin, a SAEFTY facilitator, and a member of Qu’ART Ottawa, as well as the YAC! They have 3 cats at home, and they love music, nature, and caring about things.




YAC - Bryan


Bryan identifies as a nonbinary queer immigrant from Philippines. They are passionate in programming, program development, and community building for youth. They are also passionate in being an advocate for equitable human rights, and have been a reliable volunteer in the 2SLGBTQ+ community since their arrival in Canada. Bryan is a recent graduate of the Human Kinetics program at the University of Ottawa, and is aiming for a career in Sports Policy and Management. They are goal-oriented and success-driven, and also fun and vivacious. Watch out for Bryan! They will always serve a variety of looks and will slay the competition.


Zoé Johnston has worked with youth from the beginning, with Be Your Best Acting School as the assistant director going on 4 years. Being on the YAC she will bring her theatrical skills to Project Acorn. She also Is the Producer and Radio host of This Is Heart City on CHUO. She speaks with artists, activists, and anyone doing new and different things In and around our city.


“Sarah (they/she) is a genderqueer, pansexual, queer-spawn, warrior who has been through a lot of hardship in their 22 years of living, and is dedicated to using their experiences to help others. Sarah has a passion for social justice advocacy, art, nature, and animals, especially their therapy cat “Mama” (so go up and talk to them about any of it!!). They have gone to school for community and social services, but have on a hiatus from school or work to focus on their health. It is Sarah’s first year involved in Project Acorn so they are really pumped to learn all about the camp and be involved in YAC, and is SO happy and excited to start to get more involved in the community again, make new friends, and share what they are passionate about with others through Project Acorn!”


Elliot (They/Them) is a queer and non-binary kid living in Montreal. They have spent the year kicking butt in hairdressing school. You can find them playing guitar, rugby, singing, making bracelets, or hanging out in the woods! They attended Camp Ten Oaks for 2 years as well as working on staff and have been a part of the Youth Advisory Committee for three years now. Come talk to them about music, witchcraft, rugby, nature, or swimming!


*Please note that not all YAC members might be comfortable being named publicly and so the above is not a full listing.