Youth Advisory Committee - Ten Oaks Project

Meet the members

The Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) is an incredible group of eight fierce youth who plan and run Project Acorn.



Asia is pursuing a combined honours in Global Politics and Human Rights at Carleton University. In her spare time, she can be found venturing around Ottawa looking for new places to discover. She has been involved with the Ten Oaks Project starting as a MAC (Middle Acorn Camper) in 2006 at Camp Ten Oaks. She is excited to be a part of the Project Acorn re-launch and continue her Ten Oaks experience in a new role!

YAC - BryanBryan

Bryan identifies as a nonbinary queer immigrant from Philippines. They are passionate in programming, program development, and community building for youth. They are also passionate in being an advocate for equitable human rights, and have been a reliable volunteer in the LGBTQ+ community since their arrival in Canada. Bryan is a recent graduate of the Human Kinetics program at the University of Ottawa, and is aiming for a career in Sports Policy and Management. They are goal-oriented and success-driven, and also fun and vivacious. Watch out for Bryan! They will always serve a variety of looks and will slay the competition.


Cosima is a certified dog trainer living in Ottawa, and a graduate with an Honours Degree in Criminology. Shes pent about four-five years in varying levels of homelessness when she found out she was going to be a mother to her beautiful galaxy girl. She enrolled in university when her daughter was two months old to become a studious single mom. Since then, she has become passionate about advocating for homelessness prevention, including telling her story at the National Conference for Ending Homelessness in 2015. She believes in the use of animal-assisted therapy and plans to someday create a program to train service dogs in a prison setting. Until then, Cosima lives with her daughter, loving partner Ashley, cat, and two dogs, Xena and Echo. She spends her spare time training her pack and enjoying the company of her chosen family (or as they like to call it, Ohana). If she’s out and about, you’ll see her with her service dog, Echo, the Australian Cattle Dog. He maybe super cute and loveable, but please respect the fact that he is a working dog. Do not interact with him while he’s in his vest, but once he’s off duty he’s a cuddler, and always down for a Puppy Party!


Fae (they/them) is a queer, femme, nonbinary young person with a passion for youth engagement, mental health and anti-oppression. They are a fourth-year social work student at Carleton University, a member of the Strategic Advisory Council of the Ontario Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health, a board member with the Lesbian, Gay, Bi & Trans Youth Line, and an experienced young consultant, facilitator and community organizer. Fae can be found on Twitter at @FaeJohnstone


Hi, I’m Morgan and this is my first year on the YAC. I’m 22 and a recent graduate of Algonquin College’s Community and Justice program. Though my family is originally from Manitoba, Ottawa’s where I’ve lived the longest and this beautiful city is where I call home. I enjoy living a busy life downtown working, volunteering and gardening in my apartment’s community garden. In my spare time I bake, play video games and hang out with my cat, Midna.

I am a former camp counsellor for several different groups so I’m excited to be on the planning end of things with Project Acorn. I want to create a fun and dynamic space where youth can be free to be their truest selves and not have to hide any part of their identity. I hope to see lots of members of my community out with us this summer!

*Please note that not all YAC members might be comfortable being named publicly and so the above is not a full listing.