Leadership Team - Ten Oaks Project

Meet the leadership team

The Project Acorn Leadership Team is an awesome group of volunteer coordinators who select the YAC and ROC teams each year, guide and support the YAC in the development and delivery of Project Acorn, and oversee the evaluation of the program and its volunteers.



ROC Programming Coordinator

Billie is a trans, genderflux tugboat who is happily lost in the sea of fluid sexuality. They have been involved in Project Acorn for many years as a participant, workshop facilitator, YAC, ROC and now a member of the LT. Their gift for bringing people together has guided their journey through community support work, queer organizing and child and youth care. A strong dedication to their recovery from addiction inspires them to work with and lend support to others through a non-judgemental, harm-reduction inclusive approach to recovery. Billie is lucky enough to be engaged to their best friend, making every day an adventure. They spend their free time finding ways to express their chaotic creativity, which includes writing queer science fiction with the “help” of their two cats: Gibby & Gabby.


ROC Support Coordinator

Christina is super excited to be joining the leadership team this year as the support coordinator after having been a participant and a YAC at Project Acorn in the past. She is a librarian with a background in history who has lived in Ottawa for a decade. In her professional life she is passionate about access to information, public history, and the place for research libraries in supporting resource discovery and the research process. In her personal life Christina’s passions include science fiction, tea, curling, and her cat Fritz.


YAC Support Coordinator

Morgan is a Pansexual, queer disabled / autistic gal who has been with Project Acorn for going on two years. She holds a diploma in Community and Justice service and is currently a part-time university student.

Morgan comes armed with a history of event organising, volunteering, working in relevant fields, involvement in 2SLGBTQ+ and disability communities, being very queer in general and getting extremely invested in projects. she’s ready and raring to make an awesome event.  She spends her free time volunteering, playing table top RPGs, petting her cat Midna, laughing at memes, gardening and baking.

*Please note that not all Leadership Team members might be comfortable being named publicly and so the above is not a full listing.