Leadership Team - Ten Oaks Project

Meet the leadership team

The Project Acorn Leadership Team is an awesome group of volunteer coordinators who select the YAC and ROC teams each year, guide and support the YAC in the development and delivery of Project Acorn, and oversee the evaluation of the program and its volunteers.



ROC Programming Coordinator

Erica first fell in love with Project Acorn as a participant in 2011, and is excited to return to the leadership team after time spent on the LT and YAC between 2012 and 2014. She works in human resources for a nonprofit housing provider and is passionate about ending homelessness. Erica holds a Master’s degree in Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership, a BA in Women’s and Gender Studies, and a diploma in Public Relations. She loves nothing more in her spare time than watching awful reality TV with her wonderful wife, Heather, and the three fur children that run their lives: Dora, Ollie, and Rosie. Erica has cultivated an impressive collection of unicorns, is a fan of anything sparkly, and has been known to get extremely competitive on board game night.


YAC Support Coordinator

Jenna is a recent BSW graduate from Carleton’s School of Social Work, where she focused on community engagement with seniors and people with disabilities. Since graduating, she has become a member of the Board of Directors with the Regroupement des Activistes Pour L’Inclusion au Québec (RAPLIQ) and is using her position to create systemic change in her community in areas such as public transit and local accessibility. Jenna volunteers in various capacities with The Good Companions, and is working with them to expand programming to include more options for transitional support and socialization for younger adults with disabilities, or those with newly acquired disabilities. She is a fierce advocate for disability rights and has been involved in manifestations in Montreal with Transport Mésadapté to denounce the inaccessibility of the metro system in the city. On a federal level, Jenna is working as a delegate of her constituency youth council to improve disability rights through public policy. She is also involved with LGBTQ+ rights since she was in high school where she created the first the Gay-Straight Alliance at D’Arcy McGee High School, despite backlash from the school board at the time. She was also a volunteer with Queer Women Ottawa. She is now very excited to be working with the Leadership Team and the Youth Advisory Committee at Project Acorn for the first time and hopes to bring  her enthusiasm and experience to make camp magical this summer!


YAC Programming Coordinator

I am queer and I am here! I may not have myself all figured out, and this is okay! New to the Leadership Team, and very excited to experience Project Acorn for the first time! A recent BSW graduate of School of Social Work at Carleton, with a focus on psychology and mental health. When not working, I love spending time with my wonderful, supportive partner, Lindsay, and our little family. Time at the barn with our horse, Anna-Tevka helps me relieve stress and work through personal struggles. We love to cuddle our kitties Indee, Teddie and Charles (our foster, who we are growing dangerously attached to!). Seriously anyone interested?! I can also be found around the neighbourhood long boarding, or reading articles about social justice in my safe humble abode! I believe in the power of animal assisted therapy, as well as other alternative therapies; the ways in which humans heal are complex and not one size fits all.

I wish to help create a safe, accepting, accessible, nurturing space at camp. I want youth to know that it’s okay to not have everything figured out and they have the absolute right to take up the space they deserve. Everyone has their own unique path to self discovery and acceptance, and ways of coping with the daily struggles of their experiences. I am very excited to be a part of this team, and just as stoked to be going to camp! See you there!

*Please note that not all Leadership Team members might be comfortable being named publicly and so the above is not a full listing.