Our Volunteers - Ten Oaks Project

Camp volunteers

The development of Project Acorn has been informed and guided by a diverse group of dedicated volunteers who collectively make up the Project Acorn Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) and Leadership Team.

Led by a Youth Advisory Committee

The Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) plans and runs Project Acorn. The YAC is made up of eight youth leaders and they meet regularly from January-August.

And a Leadership Team

The Project Acorn Leadership Team (LT) is a four-person team of volunteer coordinators who select the YAC and ROC teams each year, guide and support the YAC in the development and delivery of Project Acorn, and oversee the evaluation of the program and its volunteers. The Coordinators include ROC and YAC Program Coordinators, and ROC and YAC Support Coordinators, who work from an anti-oppressive and sex-positive framework. The LT attend all YAC meetings as well as regular Leadership Team meetings.