Activities - Ten Oaks Project

Creating magic

Project Acorn is a mixture of workshops, speakers, typical urban camp-like activities and magic. We open and close the program with keynote speakers, facilitate several interactive all-camp activities around anti-oppression, and offer 20+ workshops on a range of topics that are tailored for different learning and participation styles.

Project Acorn is also about having a lot of fun! Each day, we have games, round-ups (camp songs that round everyone up for a meal), team-building activities, games, crafts and dance parties.

Supporting your growth

Some of the activities, conversations and (un)learning at Project Acorn can be pretty intense.

To support participants in processing everything they are experiencing and facilitate connections being created, participants, YAC members and ROCs are divided into four pods (our word for cabin groups) who have a group check-in with each other every evening. Participants are also encouraged to reach out to YAC members and ROCs if they are in need of any other support.