A Day at Camp - Ten Oaks Project

Daily schedule

Each day at Project Acorn is filled with activities that we’ve tailored to the interests of our participants and provides numerous opportunities to (un)learn, grow and challenge ourselves and one another. Our daily schedule is structured to provide participants with lots of options tailored to different learning and participation styles.

Diverse days (or a sorta schedule)

We’re always shaking up our daily schedule, but here’s what a typical day at Project Acorn looked like last summer:

 Time  Activity
8-9:00 AM Early risers (queer prayer space; running; yoga)
9-10:00 AM Breakfast
10-10:30 AM All-camp game
11-12:30 PM All-camp anti-oppressive activity
12:30-1:30 PM Lunch
2-3:30 PM Workshops (queer desirability and fatness; race, space and moving through a white world; the prison industrial complex; inclusion/exclusion, bodies and porn; transitioning as a non-binary person)
3:30-5:00 PM Free time
5-6:00 PM Dinner
6-7:30 PM All-camp decolonization activity
8-9:00 PM Reflection and expression sessions (dance, crafting, meditation, talking circle)
9-10:00 PM Pod check-in
10:00 PM Night games