Project Acorn - Ten Oaks Project

who we are

Project Acorn is a radical community-building space for youth aged 16-24 from 2SLGBTQ+ identities, families, and communities.

For four days, Project Acorn brings together youth and those in solidarity with youth and creates a safer, empowering, and liberating space, where people can share knowledge, make connections and build bridges.

The program is a mixture of workshops, speakers, urban camp-like activities and magic that come together to create the most mind-opening and mind-blowing program possible. We want to create space to challenge the ways we think about gender and sexuality, and we want to be at the front of this movement!

A space to shine by youth, for youth

Project Acorn is planned with a ton of love and care each year by a group of individuals known as the Youth Advisory Committee. With the support of a wonderful Leadership Team, they meet from January through August to discuss every last detail of the Project Acorn program.

This means four days jam-packed with thoughtfulness and intentional magic designed by and for youth aged 16-24 from 2SLGBTQ+ identities, families, and communities.

Needs Assessment report

Project Acorn experienced massive growth since it started in 2009 and its most recent iteration in 2015. As organizations develop, growing pains are inevitable; they’re also challenging, but have the potential to be an exciting opportunity for positive change as well.

After reviewing the camp feedback from 2015, and acknowledging the strain on the current structure, it was decided to hit pause on Project Acorn camp activities in 2016. It was shared with the community that the camp would not be running, and instead, effort and energy would be devoted to incorporating community feedback, and determining how Project Acorn might be made better, together.

With the aim of meeting this goal, a Needs Assessment Coordinator was hired in mid-June of 2016, in a part-time commitment of 30 hours / month, which concluded in December of 2016. The full summary of findings for this needs assessment can be found at here.