Volunteer at Camp - Ten Oaks

Volunteer opportunities

Both Camp Ten Oaks and Project Acorn are made possible by wonderful volunteers who do everything from leading workshops to checking glitter supply levels.  Whether you’re a nature enthusiast wanting to lead hikes or an organizational pro eager to tackle logistics, there’s an opportunity for you at our summer programs.

Volunteer staff at Camp Ten Oaks

Camp Ten Oaks recruits a dynamic team of volunteer staff who take on a variety of roles from Camp Counsellor to Kitchen Director. With a minimum 1:3 staff to camper ratio, we know that our campers benefit from a stellar team of volunteers each year. We look for staff members who have extensive experience working with children and youth both in and outside of camp settings, specialized skills to enhance the programming offered at camp, and who are committed to working from social justice principles.

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Volunteer leaders at Project Acorn

Project Acorn is planned from start to finish by an incredible team of volunteers aged 16-24 who are known as the Youth Advisory Committee (YAC). Supported by the Project Acorn Leadership Team and the Roots of Our Communities (ROCs), they are responsible for envisioning and executing every aspect of the program.

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