Volunteer Accessibility Fund - Ten Oaks Project

volunteer accessibility fund

The Volunteer Accessibility Fund is a new initiative by the Ten Oaks Project that started with the 2017 budget. The purpose of this fund it to make volunteering more accessible for lower income individuals by providing funds to volunteer at Ten Oaks Project’s programs, events, meetings and workshops.

The Volunteer Accessibility Fund can be used to support the following expenses that may be barriers to participation in Ten Oaks Project’s programs, events, meetings and workshops*:

  • Bus Tickets
  • Gas
  • Childcare

*If a volunteer has an expense not listed in this list, they may contact Ten Oaks Project Staff and may be eligible for funds at their discretion. 

To find out more about the Volunteer Accessibility Fund Policy and how to use it, please follow this link or contact us at info@tenoaksprojct.org