Immediate/Monthly - Ten Oaks Project


Our donors are the roots from which mighty oaks grow. Your gift creates safer spaces for children and youth of LGBTQ+ communities to connect, play, and have their voices be heard.

Camp is the best place on earth. It’s the only place that offers a 100% guarantee that kids of LGBTQ+ communities will feel loved, accepted and respected. The Ten Oaks Project exists because it needs to.

Donate monthly for ongoing, sustainable support, or donate now for immediate impact.

By becoming a monthly donor, you’re making a pledge to change the world our children and youth live in. Help create one that’s safer and where every child feels loved and respected. Your one-time donations are also highly valued. They make up the majority of our support, and that support has a direct effect on building confidence and community in our campers.

Rather not donate online? Donate by mail

Grab an envelope, stamp and cheque and pop your donation in the postbox nearest you. Please make your gift payable to the Ten Oaks Project and mail it to us:

Ten Oaks Project
251 Bank Street, Floor 2
Ottawa, Ontario, K2P 1X3

In-kind donations

Not all of the support we receive is financial. Please contact us if you have any materials, supplies, items or services you think might assist us in the delivery of our programs.

Phone: 613-614-1537