Assistant Director of Healthcare - Ten Oaks

Assistant Director of Healthcare

Camp Ten Oaks

Launched in 2004, Camp Ten Oaks is a one-week, sleep-away camp for children and youth from LGBTQ+ identities, families, and communities ages 8-17. Camp Ten Oaks is the first and only summer camp of its kind in Canada, and is a program of the Ten Oaks Project. Our programming variety allows campers to receive instruction, strengthen old skills and develop new ones with the option to participate in outdoor adventure, waterfront, arts, social justice activities, and sports.

Camp Ten Oaks works from a camper-centered, anti-oppressive, and anti-racist framework. Camp Ten Oaks strives to offer an environment as diverse as the campers who enjoy our camp programming.

Assistant Director of Healthcare

The Assistant Director (AD) of Healthcare is a member of the Leadership Team. With support from the Camp Director and Leadership Team, the AD of Healthcare is responsible for coordination of the daily physical and mental healthcare needs of the camp community, and supervising the Healthcare Coordinator and Camper Specialists (aka “Care Bears”).  The time commitment for this position is March to December, 2017 (pre-camp, at camp, and post-camp).

Role and Responsibilities

  • Coordinate the daily physical and mental healthcare of camp community
  • Respond to the daily needs of the camp community
  • Supervise Healthcare Coordinator and Camper Specialists
  • Maintain the confidentiality of all volunteers and campers


  • Review physical and mental healthcare procedures
  • Liaison with the Camp Director to implement physical and mental healthcare procedures
  • Review physical and mental health information from the camp community
  • Orient Healthcare Coordinator and Camper Specialists

During camp:

  • Coordinate the Health Hut
  • Coordinate the dispensing of medication and administer first aid with the Healthcare Coordinator
  • Keep records of treatment and medication for both campers and volunteers
  • Maintain an inventory of supplies and equipment
  • Contact campers’ parents/guardians regarding physical and mental health supports
  • Maintain health and safety standards in all aspects of camp programming and out-tripping
  • Provide health and wellness education to the camp community (e.g. sun safety, hand washing, mental health support, etc.)
  • Supervise and Healthcare Coordinator and Camper Specialists


  • Complete an end of summer review with recommendations of next camping season
  • Create written performance evaluations of the Healthcare Coordinator and Camper Specialists

Skills and Qualifications

  • Demonstrated understanding of the needs of children and youth from LGBTQ+ identities, families, and communities
  • Demonstrated understanding of anti-racism and anti-oppressive practice
  • Experience as a practitioner or advanced level student in the healthcare field
  • Standard First Aid & CPR C
  • Completion of a police record check for the vulnerable sector

Time Commitment

The time commitment is March 2017 to December 2017. On-site requirements at the campsite (in Parham, Ontario) include the Volunteer Orientation weekend (May 13-14, 2017) and week of Camp Ten Oaks (July 29 – August 6, 2017). Off-site requirements include volunteer evaluations and de-briefs (August-September, 2017), end of year report (December, 2017).


Volunteers at Camp Ten Oaks are offered honoraria for their hard work and dedication. Honoraria are offered on a tiered scale and each member of the Leadership Team (including the AD Healthcare) is guaranteed an honourarium of up to $2500. For more information on how the honoraria work, please follow this link.

Commitment to Equity

In keeping with the Ten Oaks Project’s commitment to equity, applicants are strongly encouraged to self-identify in their applications. Applicants are encouraged to share accessibility needs in the application process, and every attempt will be made to accommodate them.

Selection Process

Applicants will be selected based on experience, skills, and demonstrated commitments aligned with the goals of Camp Ten Oaks.