Our Staff - Ten Oaks Project

camp volunteer staff

The development of Camp Ten Oaks has been informed and guided by a diverse group of dedicated volunteers who collectively make up a 40-person staff team. Our volunteer staff members are an integral part of the camp community and ensure that our campers have an unforgettable, safe and fun summer. On average, the volunteer staff at Camp Ten Oaks tend to be in their mid-twenties and choose to work at camp during their vacation time.

The Camp Ten Oaks volunteer staff team is selected, trained and supported by a leadership team comprised of five incredible volunteers: our Camp Director, Assistant Director of Healthcare, Assistant Director of Operations, Assistant Director of Programming and Assistant Director of Volunteers. Their role is to plan and lead so that things go off without a hitch and, in a more realistic world, to deal with any hitches that do happen. They are accountable for ensuring that Camp Ten Oaks meets or exceeds the standards set out by the Ontario Camping Association.

Marcus Logan

Camp Director

Marcus Logan has over 20 years experience working with LGBTQ+ youth and communities and has a passion for  providing supportive environments and programs for QueerSpawn, LGBTQ+ children and youth, and their families. Marcus grew up on Lake Temagami and his family often found him sleeping in his canoe, late for meals because he had paddled to far to get back on time, and fishing with his dad.  As a gay dad, Marcus and his husband have two children who attend Camp Ten Oaks and have come to love camp and see it as an important part of their year.

Ashling Ligate

Assistant Director of Healthcare

Ashling Ligate is a Registered Nurse with practice specialities in mental health, addictions, and community health. She was raised by a wide circle of people of various sexual orientations. She grew up on Six Nations of the Grand River territory (Kitchener-Waterloo) and spent much of her young years playing dress-up in the woods. She holds a Master’s of Education from the University of Toronto. Camp Ten Oaks is one of Ashling’s favourite places on earth and she cannot wait to return for another magical year!

Ellen Fowler

Assistant Director of Operations

Ellen Fowler loves camp! She has been involved in the camping world (as a camper and a staff member) since the age of 6, and has no plans to ever stop. She completed her B.Ed at Queen’s University in their Outdoor and Experiential Education stream. She currently works in Toronto as a teacher, leading Kindergarten and elementary Phys-Ed. She believes in using children’s inherent desire for play to teach both physical and life skills. It is the best job in the world! Ellen works to challenge normative thinking and to advocate for marginalized groups, especially while at school. In her spare time she likes to bake sourdough bread, cook elaborate meals, bike around the city and sing any of the women and songs discography at karaoke. She cannot wait to share the magic of camp with the Ten Oaks community this summer.

Karine-Myrgianie Jean-François

Assistant Director of Volunteers

Based in Tio’tia:ke (Montréal), Karine-Myrgianie is a Black queer fat femme. She’s a community organizer in queer, feminist and QTBIPOC communities in Montréal, trying to make her communities a better world for all. She works at a national organization supporting women with disabilities and Deaf women. Spending too much time on social media, she writes and performs. She loves reading the numerous books sitting on her bookshelves, singing loudly and dancing to her own beats. You can usually find her in a kitchen baking up a storm, at a show, at lovely cafés, on a dance floor or on her bike.


Assistant Director of Programming

Lily Gauvin has worked with youth since she’s been young herself, with starting as a counsellor-in-training to social counsellor along with programming specialist. As new assistant director of programming she will bring her sparkly touch to Camp Ten Oaks. She has a bachelor in arts in educational science with a specialization in gender studies and English literature. She is also a roller derby skater with the Toronto Vipers.