Camp Stay At Home - Ten Oaks Project

We know how hard it is to be stuck inside, even though it’s for the good of our communities and healthcare systems. We’re getting pretty antsy too.

So, starting on March 23, 2020, we are running Camp Stay At Home on our Instagram! Every weekday there will be a new craft or activity, inspired by our favourite spot on earth: CAMP! And they’ll be created and demoed by some of your fav camp friends!

We’d love to see what you do and encourage you to share your Camp Stay At Home creations and tag us on social media (@tenoaksproject), and we’ll repost them for all to admire.

Day 9, April 2

One of our favourite things to do at camp is go through the dress-up bins and create new personas and characters for ourselves! Today’s craft is along this theme: the wonderful Joan has created templates to make your very own owl masks. Cut the template out, colour or paint it, collage it, add feathers / glitter / whatever your heart desires! Then either make a small hole on either side and attach a string or elastic that’s long enough to go around your head, or tape a chopstick or wooden skewer on one side to hold it up to your face! We have some examples on Instagram; we used printer paper and wooden skewers here. If you’re going to attach it to your head with elastic or string, we recommend printing the template on heavier paper or re-enforcing the back with an extra sheet of paper.

Owl mask template

Day 8, April 1

Today is dedicated to all our fellow word nerds! Camp Stay At Home is becoming a whole family affair, with our ED’s dad, David, joining in the creativity. He has created a Camp Ten Oaks themed word search, and even provided the answer key in case you get stuck. Download and print the PDF, or if you don’t have access to a printer, download the Word version and highlight the words digitally!

Word search: PDF // Word

Answer key: PDF

Day 7, March 31

Joan is back with a template for you to make your very own mer-people paper dolls! We’ve found these work best on heavier paper, but use what you have and get creative with the materials you use for the outfits and hair! There are some examples on our Instagram.

Day 6, March 30

Another fabulous camp counsellor, Anna, joins us today on our highlights (Camp Stay Home) on Instagram to show us how to make a blanket and/or pillow fort at home.

Day 5, March 27

Camp Ten Oaks counsellor Emily is guiding us through Camp Ten Oaks themed nature walk today with these beautiful illustrations she created.

Nature Walk 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

Day 4, March 26

Tay is back on our highlights (Camp Stay Home) on Instagram with a video tutorial on how to make a woven bracelet. You can use embroidery thread, yarn, string, or even pieces of cloth from a shirt you were about to retire!

Day 3, March 25: Leaf Print Cards

Check-out this Instagram post from our Programs Manager, Olivia (and there are videos in our Camp Stay Home highlights!) for a tutorial on how to make leaf print cards. Olivia uses oak leaves and watercolours, but you could use whatever paint you have on hand, and any other types of objects (just don’t remove anything form a living tree/plant!).

Day 2, March 24: Cabin Cleanser

Check-out our highlights (Camp Stay Home) on Instagram for a video of our wonderful camp counsellor, Tay, showing us how to prepare our cabins (ie. rooms) for the cabin fairy!

Day 1, March 23: Colouring Contest!

Download one or both of our camp colouring pages (designed by our Executive Director’s mom, Joan!), print them, colour them, and post them on our social media and tag us (@tenoaksproject) or email them to us for us to share with everyone on Instagram! Each entry will be entered in a draw, and the winner will be announced Saturday (March 28). And yes, there is a pretty sweet prize for the winner.

“Who is the Cabin Fairy?” Colouring Sheet: 1 // 2